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Client Testimonials

"I've had massage done on 3 different continents and by literally dozens of massage therapists and Courtney is by far the best massage I've ever experienced. You will be hooked after the first 5 minutes."

- Bill H.

" I have been seeing Courtney for several years. In the beginning, I tried several massage therapists, but Courtney is the best I have found. In addition, I have begun to see the benefits of having frequent massages. Courtney seems to know what needs to be tweaked and how hard to do it. Add on the fact that she is a delightful and warm person, and you really cannot miss. "

- Chris Jenkins

" Going to Courtney was like a breath of fresh air. No airs, no nonsense. She listened to my concerns and conducted a massage that addressed all my pains. I felt fitter for days! "

- Michele Nipeeni

"Courtney to me is the BEST massage therapist out there. I broke my ankle in October. Courtney has helped to break up the scar tissues and has helped with both legs with her therapeutic massages."

- Irene A.

"I've been seeing Courtney for a few months now, primarily because I just want to physically relax. Depending on how you're feeling, where you're aching and what she feels your body is going to respond to at that particular moment, she's got training and learning and pulls from all different modalities: swedish, shiatsu, deep tissue, the list goes on. I used to think that massage was a luxury reserved for a spa day that I would *maybe* schedule once a year, however I'm seeing real benefits by incorporating therapeutic massage into my health and fitness routine. I can't recommend Courtney enough."

- Viviane V.

"I have been seeing Courtney for over a year and a half. When I first began it was to treat a football injury I had sustained in high school that had only gotten worse as the years went on. Now I finally feel even. It has been a direct result of the incredible work that Courtney does. I sincerely believe that my massage's have helped keep me healthy both physically and mentally. "

- Charlie Kosowske

" Courtney has been my therapist for more than two years now and it is impossible to not compare her favorably to other massage therapists. She is incredibly strong and intuitive about the human body as she is able to combine different forms of her training to provide the best outcome for any client in any given session. Two thumbs up for Courtney!"

- Jan Coe' Oconner

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